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Damon L. Wakes
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Damon L. Wakes writes just about anything that springs to mind, producing both novels and short stories. As well as promoting his own books, he makes an effort to share the work of those who are under-read, under-appreciated, or just plain awesome.

Author of OCR is Not the Only Font, Red Herring and Face of Glass.

He can also be found at:
I've been waiting for a good opportunity to post this, and with plans to start working on the interactive Dungeon Lord story in about a week (after another round of travelling), this seems like just the time. Behold: Girth Loinhammer (occupation: Dungeon Lord) in all his easily misinterpreted glory!

Girth Loinhammer by CorricothaCro

The Shield of Loinhammer by CorricothaCro
This superb artwork is by CorricothaCro. Not only is the character just perfect, the humour is spot on too! While I'm expecting to do the bulk of the visual work myself, just to keep the story rolling (I already have plans for how to tackle the visual side of things), it sounds as though there's enough interest in the story to work in the occasional choice bit of work by people who really know what they're doing. At this point, I feel like it really can't just be my project: the reaction to the original stories is what's got this going, and reader interaction is what'll determine its direction, so it only makes sense to get as many people as possible involved in actually telling the thing.

And in case you just came in, the stories below are probably the best place to find out what on Earth is going on. Context is everything with this, because, well...I imagine a lot of it looks pretty dodgy out of context.

Before the Black Throne    There was a rattle of chains as the rusty iron cage dropped from the ceiling. It was accompanied by the rattling laugh of the Dungeon Lord himself. The same mechanism that had dropped the cage over the great stone altar had also revealed his terrible black throne.
    “You may have found my gems of power, thief, but I don’t think they—or you—will be going far.”
    “No,” the thief admitted. “This cage looks pretty secure. Very sturdy. Lots of spikes.”
    “I claimed it from the Keep of Akragokh, where it once held prisoners of the Thousand Day Siege. Still, I don’t think it has witnessed such suffering as it shall see today.”
    “Oh no,” said the thief. “What are you going to do to me?”
    Standing, the Dungeon Lord approached an alcove near the throne and retrieved a
  Rebranding the Black Throne    “Thank you...erm...very much for coming here.” The Dungeon Lord wasn’t accustomed to being polite. “I realise this place is...some would say it’s a little out of the way.”
    “Well,” said the interior designer, “I suppose it helps to keep undesirables out.”
    “Ah.” The Dungeon Lord raised a begauntleted finger. “Funny you should mention that. You see, while obviously any normal person would consider the rusty iron spikes, booby traps, whips, shackles and torture devices to be a deterrent, I’ve recently had a slew of visitors who mistook my little setup here for something...” he leaned down and cupped a hand to the interior designer’s ear, “...erotic.”
    “Oh.” The designer raised his eyebrows. “I see.”
    “Now, I don’t want to do anythin
  Black Throne White Noise    “Another mead.”
    The barmaid slid the mug across the bar, watching in fascination as the leather-clad patron tipped his head back, angled the drink over the slotted faceplate of his helmet, and poured. It wasn’t exactly neat, but the chugging noises suggested that it was at least effective, and that was something.
    “Hey, honey,” said the regular with the ample bosom and prominent Adam’s apple. “That’s quite a talent you’ve got there. And I like your style. Want to make me scream like a baby?”
    “No.” He set the mug down and sighed.
    There was a pause. The barmaid dunked a dirty glass into a bucket of water.
    “This is really going to bother me if I don’t ask...are you a man or a woman?”
    “Honey,” said the regular, “I can b

Also, I figure I may as well use this space to mention that I'm still working through the messages that built up during Flash Fiction Month. Among those were quite a few features, so I'm just going to go ahead and post some thumbs here. No significant order to them: I just feel like I've already left it a long time to say "thanks" and this seems better than leaving a whole load of generic comments all in one go. So if you're one of these people who helped spread my work around, then thank you very much. :-) And if you're looking for good stories in general, then any of these would probably be a great place to start!

  FFM ChallengesHello everyone, and welcome to my final 2014 FFM feature journal! For this feature, I've asked everyone who completed the FFM challenges this year to share their favourite challenge piece of their own.
Congratulations to ilyilaice, joe-wright, Lissomer, SCFrankleseV13il, DamonWakes, Harlequin-Werewolf, GDeyke, (and me!), who all completed FFM and met every challenge in 2014!
  FFM Days 29-31Ahh, not only have we reached the end of FFM, but we have reached the end of my favourites from FFM! We have not, however, reached the end of my FFM features -- keep your eyes peeled, I have one more to go in about a week: the challenges feature!
If you have completed FFM and done all the challenges, please make sure you leave a comment (with your favourite challenge piece by you) on my poll so I can include you in this feature! Feel free to share the poll with others who you know/suspect have completed the challenges, too.
 FFM30: Demons are Lousy Tippers by NamelessShe Temper Tantrum (FFM 30) by Lissomer
Zen Insurance by JZLobo 
  Flash Fiction Month is Over!Woo! So I survived (sort of) my first flash fiction month! Crack open the champagne! Oh wait... I'm still skint.
So let's see the round up.. 
My favourite piece of mine?

I really got inspired by the prompt and loved what I created :)
So the piece that got the most :+fav:s was:

I'm really happy with Monsters it was a hard challenge but I had fun writing it and enjoyed doing something a little darker.
:bulletred: 10 1/2 character deaths
:bulletred: 4 dragons
:bulletred: 4 werewolves
:bulletred: 3 mythological creatures
:bulletred: 1 immortal
:bulletred: 1 talking cat
And now I want to share a few of my favourites this month and hopefully you'll have a chance to read some of them :)
  The EndFlash Fiction Month (Flash-Fic-Month) is officially over and done with. I'm quite happy to wash my hands of it but there were perks...
I went into July thinking I would have "a few spare minutes" each day to compose a "rather breezy" short story. I was being ignorant at best.
Flash Fiction Month seems like a sweet idea; it is, really: just think, a bunch of artists joining together under one virtual roof to write to (and beyond) their hearts' content. It's quite the wonder. We're all doing the same thing. 
I came upon some great pieces:
to name a few
I'd like to give a shout out to
for not only outstanding pieces of literature, but being great people
  It Was Over in a FlashAnd so Flash Fiction Month 2014 has come to an end :faint: (Though I gather there are some articles about editing and possible publication routes to come. And the judging is still carrying on - I won the first week mug, you know ^^ Well, I was pleased...)
This was my first try at FFM and I have to say it was a revelation. Though I'm confident of my ability to write once I know what I'm doing, I've always thought of myself as someone who has trouble coming up with those initial ideas. And yet for 31 days straight I came up with a new idea every day. (Some better than others admittedly.) It's changed the way I see myself as a writer - I now know I can write whenever I want to. I may have to struggle a little bit to come up with an idea but I can do it.
I've also learnt not to dismiss a possib
  FFM 2014 Write-Up and FeaturesI've just successfully completed my first year of Flash Fiction Month: 31 stories written one-a-day, 15 of which met incrementally more complicated challenges. It's been quite the month. And it certainly hasn't been easy – I have never looked forward to August as much as I have this year – but I've gotten several pretty good stories out of this month, many of which would never have happened if it weren't for FFM. One or two of them may even turn into longer works someday. And it has certainly been a great opportunity to experiment wildly.
I'm now taking at least the next week completely off – possibly up to the entire month, but we'll see about that. This means I'll be playing games and going to bed early and trying very hard not to have any expectations of myself. In actual point of fact, though, I'm probably going to be working on putting together Borrowed Strength: the e-book collection of this month's FFM harvest, so named partly because “Bor
  Flash Fic Month 2014 Highlights*Whew*
This was my third year participating in FFM, but my very first year writing all 31 stories in 31 days. Maybe next year I'll do all the challenges... maybe. xp Twelve out of fifteen ain't bad. And over 15K words written isn't anything to sneeze at, either. All in all, I am feeling very satisfied with myself right now.
Strangely, I feel prouder with last year's output. I think my creativity that year was higher... this July has been a particularly stressful month. Still, I made some new stories of which to be proud. Like...
Possibly my favorite piece of the year.
The return of last year's emotionally-imbalanced supervillain, our old friend General Pain.

The mundane life in a fantastic world.

A new werewolf romance story set in Phoenix's universe, though featuring completely new characters...

And another wo
  It's been a fantastic month!I haven't finished reading all the pieces written for Flash Fiction Month (in my inbox), but I would like to share more of my favorites with you. If you have some time to show  Flash-Fic-Month some love, I hope you will. They've given us as a community a wonderful gift, one that's greatly appreciated.
Anyway, here are some of the wonderful pieces written for Flash Fiction Month. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

FFM 2014, July 27 - Eyes by WolfrugThese are the Voyages We Don't Talk About by JZLobo
  FFM Days 20-23I've been a bit slack on these, sorry! Expect the next few over the next week or so.
Also, for those who don't yet know - I have a poll up about FFM. If you have completed FFM and done all the challenges, please make sure you leave a comment (with your favourite challenge piece by you) on the poll so I can include you in my challenge feature! Feel free to share the poll with others who you know/suspect have completed the challenges, too.
And now, the features!
 Inspector Wolf by Tobaeus Chimney by joe-wright
Sparkler Love by ilyilaice Beastly by SCFrankles As 'Tis the Custom by DamonWakes
  FFM - Week ThreeWow... We're into week 4 now.... This is getting intense and it is showing in my work! So this week it wasn't work that held me back but that I wasn't at home. I was off visiting my parents but I brought my tablet and keyboard which meant I could keep working :)
So... My favourite piece this was The Moon Marshes. This sparked something completely new in my mind and I genuinely want to run with this and so some serious work on the characters, world and plot so stay tuned if you enjoyed that :)
And the people's favourite this week (the one with the most :+fav:s) was Blue and I'm quite happy it was. I really enjoyed writing this piece and had loads of fun with the characters.
Once again, this week has not been a complete success and I want to come back to several pieces but here they are:
Flash Fic
  FFM Days 13-15Heading towards the halfway point of FFM (features) now! Here's days 13, 14 & 15.
 Red, Yellow, and Blue by SurrealCachinnation Welcome to London by DamonWakes
Lullaby by IndependentSoul97 First Flight by Tealya Hey, Brother by creativelycliche
Kiss of Life by JZLobo An Excuse--- FFM Day 15 Challenge by RavenXNevermore FFM#15 [Challenge] -- Bad Dog by apocathary
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :)
  FFM Days 11+12Hooray, it's time for another installment of my FFM favourites! :)
  FFM 2014: Pula by The-Inkling
Sicklefox by DamonWakes FFM13: Birth of a Dark Wizard by NamelessShe In Sheep's Clothing by neurotype
Delicacies (FFM Day 11) by TwilightPoetess The Ideal Bookshelf by SurrealCachinnation Oscar by Augmented4th
Narelle's New Pet by SurrealCachinnation Three Brothers by Tealya
  Update 7/15/2014UPDATE: :iconBeat-The-Block: has just started its "Dark Emotion" contest! Entries of any medium will be accepted from July 14th to August 18th, 2014. See this journal entry for more details!
I'm in the final stages of prepping for my trip to Africa this Sunday. After a few not so small scares, it looks like things are starting to move smoothly. Now the only things I'll have to worry about are jetlag, mosquitoes, 10 hours of sitting still on a plane (it's the last one I fear the most)...Excaliburfaceplz (fixed)  A small warning, though: I'll have limited internet access while visiting my relatives (they don't have internet, but they live close to an internet cafe), so if I don't respond to comments or upload anything, that's most likely why. 
In other news, xSilverSpiritWolfx has created a new group, :iconHome-To-All-Art:! Feel free to send in your
  FFM Days 7+8Here's your next look at my pick of FFM this year! Days 7 & 8.
  Marble Memories (FFM Day 7) by TwilightPoetess
Clockwork Bones by Twin-Earth Jeremy's Plight - FFM 2014 Day 7 by cjpolodo FFM#8 [Challenge] -- Passivity by apocathary
FFM8: The End of Us by NamelessShe aftermath (FFM 8) by Lissomer The Fifth Horseman by joe-wright
Last Minute Shopping by DamonWakes Tantrum Tremors (FFM Day 8) by TwilightPoetess The Curious Case of Benjamin Bunge by DamonWakes
FFM 7. Promises by mycrimsonheart Happy Accidents by ninjababy
I know there's a lot, but as always, please give them a chance. You won't be sorry. ;)
  FFM Days 3+4Hello again friends, and here's my favourites from this year's FFM days 3 & 4!
 Witness Testimony by Augmented4th My First Pet by raspil
A Simple Misunderstanding by JZLobo The Captain and the Serpent by Oreramar CarP ark by SCFrankles
Before the Black Throne by DamonWakes Midlife Crisis II by futilitarian Diary Entry of a Nervous Person by Goldfish-In-Space
Once again, I know there's a lot of pieces here, but they're all absolutely fantastic and worth a read. Get to it, folks. You won't be sorry. ;)
  OVER 500 Views!!!OMG, ITS OVER 500!!!
I want to thank you all viewers for going on my profile,
and watching.
All the support you have given me is amazing and I would like to mention some artists who have been with me:

FFM Feature

Stories born of TwilightPoetess' prompt, 'The OTHER Horsemen of the Apocalypse.'

FFM Day 3 challenge, unreliable narrator:

Day 5 challenge, historical fiction featuring the Fifth of July:
A Bold Stratagem by DamonWakesCondiments are *always* useful. by teryon
Based off this prompt: She gently brushed the dying spiders off of her jacket, then set the body on fire. IntelligentZombie (me!)
Coming of Age by Twin-EarthDon't Call Me Names by SRSmith
Week one feature, slightly extended because I was lazy. FFM is "Flash Fiction Month", which tasks its participants with writing a flash fiction story (from 55 to 1000) every day in July! :la: :iconflash-fic-month:
FFM: Days 1+2Well friends, week one of FFM is over, and I'd like to present to you, my favourites so far. Actually, I just counted and there are way too many to fit into one feature, even if I'm only doing them week by week; so instead, I'll do a couple of features over the week of everything I've collected up 'til the 7th. Here's the first one, days 1 & 2.
I know there are a lot of pieces here, but I urge you to have a read of them all, as they're absolutely quality literature.
 FFM1: The Broken Bride by NamelessShe Reddish-Brown Letters by LadyBrookeCelebwen
Owner's Manual by Augmented4th Pre-inventing the Wheel by joe-wright FFM 2014, July 2 - The Ghost Killer by Wolfrug
Colony Life by JZLobo The Superfluous Adventures of Captain Redundancy by DamonWakes 

Can we all just take a minute to step back and realise just how many FFM stories camelopardalisinblue has featured, by the way? Because that's seriously impressive, especially given the overwhelming volume of work produced for the event. Every one of those journals is a feat in itself, and there's a lot of journals. I don't know if there's any kind of group that features people for doing amazing features, but if there isn't then there probably should be. Regardless, here's an unofficial electrically generated cookie in recognition of your extreme awesomeness: :cookie:. Use it wisely.

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