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Damon L. Wakes
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Damon L. Wakes writes just about anything that springs to mind, producing both novels and short stories. As well as promoting his own books, he makes an effort to share the work of those who are under-read, under-appreciated, or just plain awesome.

Author of OCR is Not the Only Font, Red Herring and Face of Glass.

He can also be found at:
You wake with a pounding headache. Your mouth feels like an ashtray. An ashtray full of vodka. Vodka that's been flavoured with spicy cat farts. You can't remember what you did last night. If it even was last night! You feel like you've been asleep for more like several weeks...

Waking up

I'm pleased to announce that a new chapter of Beyond the Black Throne is now available to read, and the next one is now open for suggestions! I've actually been sitting on the text of this update for quite some time: the main thing that was stopping me posting it was the difficulty of getting the images together, and the knowledge that even if I did, I'd be unlikely to find the time for the next few.

However, I think I've now solved both problems. I've got my unholy homemade tripod golem set up in the same room as my computer, which makes it easier to shift things back and forth, and I've settled on posting a new chapter every other Friday. I really didn't want to do that--partly just because it makes it harder for people to follow--but relying on a (mostly) free day every Thursday/Friday simply isn't realistic just now. Also, I'm expecting to have help from CorricothaCro in the form of a spinoff series of comic strips. Any day the site is due an update but I can't manage one, I'll (hopefully!) be able to post an already-written comic to keep things rolling.

It's really fantastic to have this kind of option. For one thing, it's exactly in keeping with the idea behind the Black Throne saga, to which anyone can contribute, and for another it makes the fortnightly update schedule way less daunting. The main thing that was putting me off doing that earlier was that missing an update (which is still reasonably likely, I'm afraid) would mean either waiting one whole week and screwing up the schedule, or waiting two more and leaving it an entire month. I realise that it's kind of weird to think that far into the logistics of a low budget BDSM-themed fantasy/humour series, but apparently that's what I do now.

Oh. And I also spot food that looks like my cutout characters. In honour of Burns' Night, here's a scotch egg that looks like the Head Goblin Slave:

In terms of non-dungeony things, my work has been featured in a few places recently (and not so recently) and I figure this is as good a time as any to say thanks. I don't have as much time as I'd like to keep up with messages over here, but it's great to know people are sharing what they love. If you're looking for a new writer or artist to follow, these features may be well worth a look:

If I Could DD...This literature feature is part of a Community Feature Project. You've got today and tomorrow to take part yourself: see this journal!

grief by SuddenlyAutumn 
I think this is a subject that is difficult to write about truthfully but this poem gets it exactly right. It's a piece that moves me and has stuck with me since I first read it.

Rescue Missionary by YppleJax 
A horror story that builds and builds. It's told in a straightforward diary form, which somehow makes the strangeness of the piece feel even more realistic and allows you to feel sympathy for the narrator and his family.

You Tell Me Things in Drips and Drabs by BlakeCurran 
Found poetry really floats my boat and this is such a great example of the form. It makes me smile so much. There's such a sense of fun to it.

FFM July 2 2014: The Baby-Napper
Before the Black Throne    There was a rattle of chains as the rusty iron cage dropped from the ceiling. It was accompanied by the rattling laugh of the Dungeon Lord himself. The same mechanism that had dropped the cage over the great stone altar had also revealed his terrible black throne.
    “You may have found my gems of power, thief, but I don’t think they—or you—will be going far.”
    “No,” the thief admitted. “This cage looks pretty secure. Very sturdy. Lots of spikes.”
    “I claimed it from the Keep of Akragokh, where it once held prisoners of the Thousand Day Siege. Still, I don’t think it has witnessed such suffering as it shall see today.”
    “Oh no,” said the thief. “What are you going to do to me?”
    Standing, the Dungeon Lord approached an alcove near the throne and retrieved a

Bonus Christmas FeatureEvery gift which is given, even if it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.  -- Pindar.
Welcome to the Special Edition feature - Christmas at the Cafe.
To finish off the year, and to spread a little joy, we’d like to share with you some festive holiday themed artwork.
The Daily Bread Cafe will be back in full in the new year, with our first feature of 2015 to be published on January 3rd. We wish you a safe and happy holiday, and we will see you in 2015.
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Featured Deviants - Visual Arts
The Mucky AngelIt was a cold day in late November when the angel first perched atop the tree. It was not like the angels that had come before. Where once little bulbs had flickered, LEDs now beamed their glorious light out into the sky. Where once a ratty cotton garment had swung glumly in the breeze, elegant synthetic fabrics now fluttered joyfully, wreathing the plastic limbs with silken life. And where once flaking paint had stood for features—eyes and nose—a head of polyethylene looked down upon the crowd, outsmiling the children far below. The angel was a marvel, sparkling with fifty colours atop the tree, but most marvellous of all was the sign it held before it. In shining liquid crystal, the sign blazed out its message to the crowd: "SEASON'S GREETINGS." And the sign too blinked and flashed.
Yes, the angel was a marvel. And the angel knew this. It knew it in the happy faces of the shoppers, and it knew it in its own light. For nothing else upon that tree could outdo the angel. No bauble held

If I Could DD...If you haven't seen it already, I suggest you check out If You Could DD...
Here's my picks for works I think deserve a DD, in no particular order. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but I had to stop somewhere :D
              &                The Photocopier Fandango by bookloverblue   My Spidey Sense is Troubling by DamonWakes
My Spidey Sense is Troubling    The shatterproof ruler caught the mugger across the face with a sound like a pigeon smacking into a recently cleaned windowpane.
    “Ow, man!” the criminal did a little hopping dance, hand pressed firmly to his cheek. “Aah. That’s going to puff up like crazy.”
    “That’s right!” The Astounding Welt pointed a chubby pink finger. “Crazy like you’d have to be to snatch purses when I’m on the job.” The point was a little laboured, but it got the job done.
    “When are you not on the job? It seems like you’ve been slapping me with that ruler every day this week.”
    “Which would suggest you’ve been out mugging people every day this week.” The Astounding Welt hefted his ruler menacingly.
    “My criminal activities are the result of a system of governmen

And yes, I have been dying to say that for a long long time now!! :D
So anyway, its been a long while since I posted a feature here on this group. Incidentally, I checked the details of this group and I realized that we've now touched...
Because I love dragons, live with it :lol:
so with that said, I'm going to feature a random array of deviations which have been submitted to this group over the course of time. Thanks to every single one of you for contributing! Stay blessed :)
With that said, here's a very humble collection of the works which you - yes You the members of this group - have contributed for readership:
Feed Me by jackgunski Schoolboy by jackgunski Big Speech by jackgunski Strangers by Lady-Yume Then and Now by The-Archaeon to the boy who doesn't plan on leaving by your-methamphetamine spaetzchen by saltwaterlungs :thumb483
Sicklefox    Once upon a time there was a naughty boy. He was about your age, if I’m not mistaken. This naughty boy loved to run and jump and play with his friends, but more than anything he loved sweet things. So when he spied the baker coming down the street with two trays of iced buns, he wasted no time in running over to him.
    “Aren’t you afraid carrying all those buns?” asked the naughty little boy.
    “Afraid?” asked the baker. “Of course not—why would I be?”
    “Why,” lied the naughty boy, “because Sicklefox likes nothing better than iced buns, and I hear he is nearby. If he finds you, he’ll cut out your tongue and eat it.”
    The baker stopped. This was new to him, but all had heard tales of Sicklefox and all knew them to be true.
    “Perhaps I should take half,” said

Feature - Artisan CraftsHe who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head, and his heart is an artist. -- Francis Assisi
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By MandarinMoon
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Knowing when to let go can
Trailing Vine Necklace by DamonWakes

Here's the link to the new chapter of Beyond the Black Throne. If you fancy making a suggestion as to what good old Girth Loinhammer should do in the next one--he's in quite the pickle just now!--that would be fantastic. And if you'd like to also spread the word about it, that would be even better. More readers mean more hilarious suggestions (and there have been some great ones already)!


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